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Through The Years

Nourished day by day, dreams are cultivated through the years.  My joyful journey to planting a tea plantation and cultivating a business that is equal parts teatime celebration and helping those who need it most, has been a process of growing deep roots that will last a lifetime.  Peek inside my journal over the past 4 years and celebrate the behind the scenes milestones of my tea plantation and tea company!



 7 June 2013

Through the maze of classrooms, I find room 2201 with all the excitement of a schoolgirl on her first day of school.  As I enter, I’m handed the syllabus and course materials.  Their weight grounds me and reminds me that I truly am here at the World Tea Expo.  This is real.  Tea Processing and Blending classes await me, as I step out in faith.  My tea plantation and tea company journey begins!    


1 October 2013

The bright gold key effortlessly slides into place and unlocks my future, as I step over the threshold of my newly built, home-sweet-home.  My heart overflows with gratitude.  This moment is sacred.  I am living inside the home my dreams built.  Havenly, my refuge, my sanctuary, my retreat.


Processing Green Tea
Sorting Tea
Processing Black Tea

Adopting Cream & Sugar

15 January 2014

Today was the day that my heart changed forever.  The joy of bringing home my two sweet baby kittens, Cream and Sugar, doubled the size of my heart.  I remember hearing stories of animals picking out their owners.  Not having experienced this type of selection process myself, it sounded like a charming old wives tale that lived on in my romantic imagination. Today, their exuberant kisses, harmonic purrs and baby jumps to get into my arms and snuggle in together, let me know that I was experiencing this special bond of love and trust.  I sing to them and they join in with their tiny kitty voices.  Pure, radiating, joy.


16 April 2014

The intoxicating fragrance of tea drifts on the cool spring air over the Skagit Valley.  The tea picking protocol I learned last year effortlessly guides my hands, as I soak in the symphony of the moment and play my part.  Working on a tea plantation will soon transform into working on my tea plantation.  Gratitude wells up in my heart.  2 leaves and a bud, 2 leaves and a bud.


9 August 2014

The heat is just as oppressive as the poverty.  All encompassing.  No relief.  Painful.  To be aware in this moment, is life changing.  Who would I have become if I had been born in Guatemala, into this environment?  The faces of the children I served at the clinic replay in my mind.  What will I choose to do with the grace that overflows from my life?


Spring Break Working On A Tea Plantation
The Planting Of Gracefully Yours Fine Tea Company Plantation
Medical Mission Trip To Guatemala With World Help

Tea Ready For Harvesting
Freshly Picked Tea
Tea Withering (Drying)


3 March 2015

An enduring legacy.  It grows brighter and brighter over the years.  With gratitude and great joy the creation of the Ellen Grace Medical Travel Scholarship was created in honor of Grandma today.  Time stands still and our memories together wash over me like springtime rain.  The expectancy of all that is to come is nourished by the planting of these seeds.


16 May 2015

Today is the day!  I’ve dreamed about this day and how it would feel, through the hot summer days of planting and the cold winter months of tending.  It feels like my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled up into one, grand celebration!  The first flush will be harvested by midday and then the processing of black, green and white tea begins.  This trio will be my house blend, my Signature Joy. 

Herbal Tea Blending Palette
Ellen Grace Medical Travel Scholarship Established

Sweet Honeybees
Inside Their Hive


23 November 2016

Gracefully Yours, elegant and welcoming, launched its online home today. If I were tea, instead of a person, this is how I would look. It felt surreal pushing the launch button and yet, just like any other day working diligently on my dreams.  Sitting in front of the fire, I wonder if I will be able to sleep tonight?  Until then, I am blissfully content to snuggle in front of the fire with my sweet girls and think about everything and everyone who made this day possible.


3 December 2016

The chirping of my alarm clock, wakes me out of a restless slumber.  I reach out to shut it off and knock a book off the nightstand, as I reorient myself to the design of the hotel room.  The lightness of my heart balances out the heaviness of my body from months of long work hours.  Anything is possible, is the wisdom that floats on the instrumental melody, as I prepare for the day.  The best is yet to come.


Herbal Tea Collection 
Ellen Grace Medical Travel Scholarship Awarded
Annual Charity Tea Planning Committee 

Rooibos Tea Collection 
Black/Green/WhiteTea Collection 


7 March 2017

Today feels like I have come full circle.  The travel rooibos collection and special occasion tea collection were released today.  Our line is now complete.  It is amazing to see what can be accomplished, little by little, over time.  This tea plantation and tea company journey has been a refining journey of growth for me.  Far from nearing the end, I feel like it is just beginning.


As a thank you gift for stopping by, download my free Growing With Joy guide.  Whether your dreams are seeds you are preparing to plant or you are in the process of cultivating a 4 foot high blue ribbon veggie plant, I’m applauding your faith and diligence!




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  • Vickey on

    My mind and ❤ are still singing inside after the Garden Clubs Luncheon today. You are such a inspirational person. I felt so bless today for the opportunity to chat with. You are truly a beautiful person inside and out. Merry Christmas.

  • Kayla on

    It is always so encouraging to hear other’s “dream come true” stories. A beautiful reminder that I can reach my goals, too!

  • Annette Litteral on

    Hello, I own a small tea shop in md and happened upon your fb page, I enjoyed reading your story and that your plantation is in the US, do you sell your tea wholesale?

  • Anne on

    You are the most productive person I know…and you didn’t even mention your work at the hospital and your other “pet projects!” I’m downloading your Growing With Joy guide next and am hoping it will give me a Sharon-infusion!

  • Lacey on

    I love how “Through The Years” builds on “My Joyful Journey.” Another inspiring post! I can tell you have done a lot of soul searching and use that distilled wisdom to gain momentum and move closer to your dreams.

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