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Teatime Hospitality

Teatime is an open invitation, to come as you are
and celebrate the gift of the moment.
~ Sharon Grace Kryger


Through the years, teatime has reflected the varying seasons of my life.  Perhaps, you, too?  From teatimes with my dolls in the backyard playhouse, to my Grandma's wooden kitchen table, to late study sessions in the university library with warm thermoses of tea, to saving up for fancy trips to the local teahouse from my first paychecks to keeping a tea chest in my first office for tea fueled meetings and now joyfully hosting in my first home.  To each season and teatime, there is sweetness.

As we conclude our weekly blog series, The Signature Joy Of Tea, we'll be exploring how we can celebrate the gift of the moment wherever we find ourselves.  Our time together in March and April, has been a way to welcome beauty and grace into our days through the culture and hospitality of tea.  Empowering you to live the life of your tea dreams.

March 7th: Camellia Sinensis
March 14th: Tea Cultivation
March 21st: Tea Harvesting
March 28th: Tea Processing
April 4th: How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Tea
April 11th: Blending Herbal Infusions
April 18th: Tea Tasting With A Tea Sommelier
April 25th: Teatime Hospitality

 My Grandmother Sweetie Pie would often quote, "by failing to plan, you are planning to fail," during my childhood.  How true!  Taking the time to think and plan ahead, allows us to break the bondage of being unprepared, hurried and frazzled.  How can we create a beautiful teatime routine in our lives, so that our cups are full and available to share with others?

Prioritize.  Create a time during the day, that is your special time for tea.  Having a "personal reservation," either written in your calendar, an alarm set on your phone or a general commitment, "when I wake up in the morning," gives you permission to take time to nourish yourself.  You can't give that which you don't have.  Prioritize what matters to you.

Organize.  Create a space for your tea things.  Nothing fancy is truly necessary for teatime, although oftentimes we find additional nourishment from beautiful teacups and cherished memories that perhaps, a particular variety of tea evokes.  Having cups, tea, napkins, serving dishes (etc) easy to find and access ensures, it's always teatime!

Eliminate distractions.  Give yourself the gift of being present in the moment.  Life can be overwhelmingly busy, with never ending to-do lists, a phone that constantly buzzes with notifications and the latest & greatest vying for your attention.  Life is so much more!  What a disheartening commentary is we feel tired, stressed out and overwhelmed all the time.  Give yourself the gift of uninterrupted time to experience the delight of selecting a teacup and tea to savor, boiling water on the stove and breathing several deep breaths followed by putting your feet up and siping to your heart's content.  What a gift!

Hospitality (def.) - the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers.


Hospitality to me, is the gift of being fully present with someone.  Listening, reflecting back what you are hearing and expressing compassionate understanding.  Inviting someone to join you for your personal teatime is a lovely gesture that can be shared together.  Hosting teatime for more than 2 people can become a beautiful memory for days to come.  As I continue to learn, preparation and organization, allow me to be fully present with the ones I love, whether I am hosting 10 people in my home or 250+ at our annual Charity Tea.  Of course, the preparation and organizational aspects increase at the guest list does!   Here is the Hospitality Worksheet Guide, that I've honed over the past 5 years, that I use when I'm hosting larger galas.  I hope it will be as valuable to you, as it has been to me.

Cheers to a lifetime of teatimes, that become a sweet and cherished legacy!

Interested in exploring more about teatime hospitality?  Here are some of my favorite resources:


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  • Kathleen Glynn-Morris on

    Do you have any black teas w/o green tea as a blend?
    Your herbals look delicious.

  • Kristin on

    I loved the encouragement to prioritize, organize and eliminate distractions! You so this so well with teatime and life. Can you please expand on these subjects in a book?!

  • Michelle on

    I never fail to be impressed how you do it all and are the epitome of hospitality! I always feel so special at your tea table.

  • Anne on

    Hooray for hospitality! Downloading this guide now!

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