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Sharon Grace Kryger

Hello, Kindred Spirits!  I’m Sharon.  If we were sitting down to enjoy a pot of tea together, you would hear my passion for the hospitality of afternoon tea, cultivating a legacy of life-giving traditions, finding the joy in every day moments and helping others through humanitarian aid.  Founding Gracefully Yours Fine Tea Company and creating #teawithheart is a dream come true for me! It would be a delight to meet you one day, on Instagram or on our Facebook.  I’m grateful for the incredible women I work alongside each day, the sound of the teapot whistling, laughter filling my home, the sweet purrs of my kittens and the opportunity to serve you a cup of our tea!



Growing up, Sunday afternoons following church were a sweet time of family and friends gathering at my Grandparent’s House for a special supper prepared by my Grandma.  It was a regular occurrence to have a completely full table and to set up another table in the kitchen for more guests!  After all the dishes had been cleaned up, my Grandma and I would often have tea together in the kitchen.  It was a special time of conversation and sharing.  Part of this special time together included picking out teacups from the towering china hutch for us to sip from.  Her beautiful teacups were passed down from her Mother, my Great Grandma who we lovingly called Grandma A.  While my Great Grandparent’s didn’t travel much, whenever they did my Great Grandma A would purchase a teacup and write the destination on the back of the saucer.  Picking out teacups for our tea party was a weekly highlight, that cultivated a love of hospitality, tea and dreams of travel.

Four years ago I decided to pursue my love of tea with formal education.  I attended the World Tea Expo, where I had the opportunity to take tea processing and blending classes.  This art form sparked my imagination!  I went and worked on a tea plantation: picking, processing and blending tea.  I continued my education through the Academy of Tea, in Ontario, Canada.  I am a WTA Certified Tea Professional, also known as a Tea Sommelier.  It is my joy to share with you the culture, service, cupping and pairing of tea.

MY PERFECT CUP:  Our Signature Joy Blend, of black, green and white tea.  For a fancy cup, I’ll place a slice of freshly picked Meyer Lemon from my backyard in it, or a swizzle of honey harvested from my sweet bees.


A cherished legacy from my Great Grandma A:

a teacup and saucer from her travels to Hudson Bay, BC in 1954