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Sharon Grace Kryger

Hello, Kindred Spirits!  I’m Sharon.  If we were sitting down to enjoy a pot of tea together, you would hear my passion for the hospitality of afternoon tea, cultivating a legacy of life-giving traditions, finding the joy in everyday moments and helping others through humanitarian aid.  Founding Gracefully Yours Fine Tea Company and creating #teawithheart is a dream come true for me! It would be a delight to meet you one day, on Instagram or on our Facebook.  I’m grateful for the incredible women I work alongside each day, the sound of the teapot whistling, laughter filling my home, the sweet purrs of my kittens and the opportunity to serve you a cup of our tea!



Growing up, Sunday afternoons following church were a sweet time of family and friends gathering at my Grandparent’s House for a special supper prepared by my Grandma.  It was a regular occurrence to have a completely full table and to set up another table in the kitchen for more guests!  After all the dishes had been cleaned up, my Grandma and I would often have tea together in the kitchen.  It was a special time of conversation and sharing.  While my Grandparents didn’t travel much, whenever they did my Grandmother would purchase a teacup and write the destination on the back of the saucer.  Picking out teacups for our tea party was a weekly highlight and cultivated my love of tea and the adventure of travel.

Four years ago I decided to pursue my love of tea with formal education.  I attended the World Tea Expo, where I had the opportunity to take tea processing and blending classes.  This art form sparked my imagination!  I went and worked on a tea plantation: picking, processing and blending tea.  I continued my education through the Academy of Tea, in Ontario, Canada.  I am a WTA Certified Tea Professional, also known as a Tea Sommelier.  It is my joy to share with you the culture, service, cupping and pairing of tea.

MY PERFECT CUP:  Our Signature Joy Blend, of black, green and white tea.  For a fancy cup, I’ll place a slice of freshly picked Meyer Lemon from my backyard in it, or a swizzle of honey harvested from my sweet bees.