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Gracefully Yours Tea Plantation is the only organic tea plantation in production in the US.  We are located in Ridgefield, Washington which is approximately a 30-minute drive from Portland, Oregon.  Tea is produced from the evergreen Camellia Sinensis plants, grown widely in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world.  We grow 5 varieties of tea on our tea plantation: Guangzhou, Red Leaf, Russian Black Sea, White Hair and Conney’s.  These varieties have been cultivated in the Pacific Northwest for the past 7 years and are well adjusted to our rainy weather.

Typically in May and June, our tea plants awaken from their winter dormancy bursting with new, tender leaves. We pluck these robust leaves and turn them into the most premium tea available from our plantation.  Our first flush tea brews into a golden liquor with the gentle aroma of honey and caramel. It’s a mildly astringent tea with a complex flavor that blends sweet malt with notes of soaked raisin and barley.  Our second flush, typically in August and September, possesses the muscatel aroma.  The term “muscatel” is used to denote a sweet palate note that is associated with muscat grapes.