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Loose Leaf Tea

Celebration Delight

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This blend perfectly captures the delight of any celebration with confetti sprinkles enveloped in a rich, full bodied black tea.  

- Organic Black Tea*
- Organic Sprinkles

*Gracefully Yours Organic Tea Plantation, Ridgefield, Washington

Optimal Brewing:

For one cup (8 oz): Bring water to a boil and add 2 teaspoons of loose-tea. Steep tea for 3 minutes, and use a fine mesh strainer to remove leaves. Enjoy your delicious cup of tea!  

Each canister makes approximately 30 cups of tea ~ affording you an organic, locally sourced cup of tea for 40¢.

These labels can be customized for any celebration.  For help placing such an order, please contact

You are contributing to humanitarian aid in Thailand with the purchase of this tea. Thank you!  Kòp kun!


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