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Loose Leaf Tea

Madagascar Vanilla

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This sweet vanilla, native to Madagascar, is a mellowing blend when paired with smooth anti-oxidant rich rooibos.

- Organic Rooibos Tea
- Organic Vanilla Bean
- Organic Vanilla Extract

 *All ingredients are locally sourced from family-owned Pacific Northwest farms. 

Optimal Brewing:

For one cup (8 oz): Bring water to a boil and add 2 teaspoons of loose-tea. Steep tea for 3 minutes, and use a fine mesh strainer to remove leaves. Enjoy your delicious cup of tea!  

Each canister makes approximately 30 cups of tea ~ affording you an organic, locally sourced cup of tea for 33¢.

You are contributing to humanitarian aid in Somalia with the purchase of this tea. Thank you! Mahadsanid! 

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